Iyengar Yoga Classes

in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar


“We are all beginners, it just takes some of us longer to realize it” - Chuck Miller



The approach to practice and teaching takes Ahimsa as it’s corner stone, meaning that every thing is amid at realizing how we can live in a caring way with ourselves, the world and in our relationships. The goal of the practice is to nurture those qualities that make this possible. I approach that through deepening self-knowledge. Realizing and honoring that each individual is unique is also very important to us and I do my best to make the practice fit the person and not the other way around.


The tools I use are based on the Iyengar view on alignment and restorative use of asana, as well as, breath awareness and pranayama. Cultivating the ability to be more aware and present through out the day and in our relationships is more important than getting your leg behind your head, even though we realize that might be a fun challenge.